Prospective Worldwide Invitational players must meet the following requirements in order to register:

  • Player must be 20 years or older.
  • Players must have either completed their NCAA, NAIA eligibility or are looking to forego their college eligibility to become a professional basketball player.
  • Players must have played in the NCAA, NAIA or professionally within the last two years.

The Worldwide Invitational is an opportunity for players to showcase their talents and skills before the coaches & general managers from Australia and Europe. Las Vegas and UNLV is the centerpiece to the NBA and professional basketball’s summer free agency signing period and the Worldwide Invitational will be located at UNLV (UNLV Student Recreation Center from July 8-10).

All applicants must register before 7:30pm US Eastern on June 29, 2018 and must submit the $189 registration fee (the registration fee will move to $229 after April 30, 2018). For any players not selected in the live draft at 3:00pm US Eastern on June 30, 2018, $89 will be reimbursed to those players that registered prior to May 1, 2018 and $89 will be reimbursed to those players that registered on or after May 1, 2018.  For all the players selected in the live draftthe registration fee will cover the following expenses:

  • 3 games of 44-minutes.
  • A Championship game (4th game) for the two top teams in the showcase.
  • Videos and official game statistics for all 13 games.

Registration Form

Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.